Open Platform for Robot Development

DYNAMIXEL Actuators and Platforms
ROBOTIS values being able to provide robot researchers and developers a system to create and build robots and aims to be a platform provider that closely works with various open platform sponsors.
We commercialize easy-to-use high-performance DYNAMIXEL actuators and platforms and continue to expand our product line-ups through ongoing research and development. 

In addition to this, opening our programming software to the public provides an opportunity for beginners to easily implement and operate robots of their dreams.

Through regular collaborations with the open-source community, ROBOTIS strives to build a DYNAMIXEL ecosystem and provide robotics content and solutions most essential to many robot researchers and developers.
Research & Development Platforms 
Multi-Purpose Affordable Manipulator
for Research and Education
Introducing the OpenManipulator
Low-Cost Manipulator for ROS and Arduino
Various End-Effector Tools
Alternate Configurations
Desktop Manipulator
Mobile Manipulator
OpenManipulator is a versatile platform for anyone interested in exploring motion planning, grasping, kinematics, and mobile manipulation.