EXPERIENCES - Going on a Bear Hunt – with KIBO!
Contributed by: Marsha Odell, Children's Computer Corner
KinderLab Robotics, the creator of KIBO, the Screen-free STEAM Robotic Kit, shares key reasons practically why robotics should be incorporated in early learning classrooms.
Let us hear the story from Marsha Odells's personal experience at Children’s Computer Corner with KinderLab Robotics and Coding.
Build + Code + Play + Arts = Problem Solving Approach.
During the month of August, we completed our last week-long KIBO Robotics Camp here in Washington state. We selected from one of the children’s book that they use in classroom “Going on a Bear Hunt” as our theme for the week.
"Going on a Bear Hunt" was our theme for the week.”
Based on our theme “Going on a Bear hunt” we decided to design and plan our structure. Students came up with ideas to create The River, The Forest, The Snow Storm just like the elements present in the book. 

So we started drawing them on a long strip of white banner paper and coloured it. We asked the students who were in teams to select the person who is going to go on a bear hunt and we used the expression module to picture the person. 
We also used Voice record devices to record the voices of the children saying. 

  • “Oh, no! Can’t go over it; can’t go under it… Gotta go through it!” (Repeat 4 times as KIBO went up to and through the River, Forest, SnowStorm). 

  • “Oh, no! It’s a BEAR!!” (As they reached the bear cave and we uncovered the bear cave to reveal a Teddy Bear).

  • “We’re not going on a bear hunt again!!” (After KIBO reverses back to where he began, crashing into a long body pillow using the Distance Sensor on the back portal).
We then gave these recorded commands to KIBO...
On command 1, the KIBO will pass through the River, Forest and SnowStrom since KIBO has to go through it and cannot go over it or under it. When KIBO reaches the bear cave, Students discovered a teddy bear was revealed inside the Cave on which command 2 will be put to use.

On seeing the Bear, the KIBO reverses back where it hits a long body pillow using the Distance sensor on back portal of KIBO.. 
We made enlarged Voice Modules to join with the KIBO Says cards and it worked fairly well.
Marsha Odell
Children's Computer Corner
Washington state