Software Applications and User’s Technical Skills.
In our previous issue we discussed how to know which is the right Robotis kit from a beginners standpoint.  In this article we will go through some of the tools used to manage Robotis kits.

ROBOTIS provides and supports various software applications according to the users technical skill level or desired experience. 
RoboPlus (R+) software is designed to help you begin creating and programming with ROBOTIS kits straight out of the box. One needs to be familiar with C/C++ programming language for right use of the software tools including DYNAMIXEL Wizard, DYNAMIXEL SDK, OpenCM development Software and much more. Let us now review some of the tools available to us. 
An overview of various software's and tools used to program ROBOTIS Kits.

R+ m.Task 2
R+ m.Task is a software designed for mobile device to program robots. Download, edit, debug tasks, and remote controller support.
R+ m.Motion
Easily create complex robot poses and allows motion editing which can be linked together to create full movement routines.
R+ m.Design
3D design tool used as an interactive guide for step-by-step robot assembly. Optional “Creator Mode” to prototype.
R+ m.PLAY 700
Connect and play via Bluetooth. Use smart phone utility such as sensor, image processing with camera, video and audio.
R+ Manager
Firmware management tool to test and update sensors, motors, controllers and servos.
R+ Scratch
Allows ROBOTIS Controllers to connect to Scratch and program robots in the Scratch environment..
DYNAMIXEL SDK is a software development kit that provides DYNAMIXEL control functions using packet communication. The API of DYNAMIXEL SDK is designed for DYNAMIXEL actuators and DYNAMIXEL-based platforms.

For advanced user who wishes to implement their own embedded controller solution or Single-Board Computer (SBC).

EdBot Software transforms your Robot to program using Scratch, Javascript, Python, plus many other languages.
Google Blockly
Code generated in Google Blockly can be copied into a programming application for the language of your choice.
Program the ROBOTIS OpenCM9.04 controller included with the ROBOTIS Mini.
Embedded C
Custom firmware exploration is an option who likes to explore embedded programming in C-language with the ROBOTIS CM-530 controller.
Roboplus Block is a coding education platform that inherits block coding method of Google’s Blockly. R+ Block allows to select ROBOTIS controllers to connect to Scratch 2.0 Offline Editor and program robots in the Scratch block-programming language.
In our next issue, we will review various educational robotics systems by ROBOTIS.
About the Author:
C. N. Thai
Researcher at University of Georgia, USA (College of Engineering) in Educational Robotics, Multi-Spectral Imaging Application for Plant Health Monitoring & Horticultural Products Quality Characterization, and in the area of Agricultural Systems Modelling and Simulation