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In an effort to bring about collaboration in a workforce, companies are spending huge amounts of money on various programs with a focus to improve efficiency, individual skills and productivity.

We can see Technological Advancement, Automation and other  evolution in Product Development are some of the major contributors for most companies to carry out such programs. 
Robotics today is incorporated into every industry and our education needs to cater to those developments in an accessible manner.
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ROBOTIS GAEMI-1 is an outdoor self-driving robot that delivers goods and provides food delivery services. Based on AI (Deep Learning), robots can recognize the environments (including any obstacles) to assess and operate autonomously.

Meal Delivery service for restaurants, Cooperate with couriers to deliver parcels to apartments, shopping malls, Patrol service for Specific areas such as parks, amusement parks, large buildings and many other. 
DYNAMIXEL DRIVE (DYD) is a high-precision small speed reducer with a cycloid gear type, which offers superior impact resistance, with excellent precision and reliability in a compact design compared to harmonic drives. 

DYNAMIXEL is a brand of Smart Actuator developed by ROBOTIS for use in any robotic system. 

DYNAMIXEL enables anyone to easily and conveniently make a robot.
David Johnson