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In an effort to bring about collaboration in a workforce, companies are spending huge amounts of money on various programs with a focus to improve efficiency, individual skills and productivity.

We can see Technological Advancement, Automation and other  evolution in Product Development are some of the major contributors for most companies to carry out such programs. 
Robotics today is incorporated into every industry and our education needs to cater to those developments in an accessible manner.
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ROBOTIS ENGINEER contains variety of programming contents geared toward schools & other educational institutions. ROBOTIS provides educational resources using ROBOTIS developed software Task and Motion which integrates TinkerCAD to teach 3D printing.

Object Recognition based on Tensor Flow with machine learning to learn, identify, and recognize objects. The examples work using different modes such as Emotion Recognition mode, Remote mode, Gesture mode, and Music mode.
IIT Chennai researchers, led by Prof. Asokan Thondiyath, along with his student and Research Scholar Mr. Nagamanikandan Govindan; have developed a Multimodal Robotic System with good grasping, manipulation and locomotion abilities for use in industrial and field applications.
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