How AI Connects With Us Today

We will have a brief look at robotics in various industries and in the coming issues we will have experts discussing in greater detail so you get a better glance at how broad and  deep  AI got embedded into  our day  to day life. To begin with let us look into  agriculture.
Eli Whitney's Cotton engine
A look  back into  the year 1794... 
Did you know that AI is propagating  quickly within the agriculture field faster than we thought.

Eli Whitney in the year 1794  introduced a machine which had  the ability to isolate cotton seed from the cotton fibre and it has the record of creating up to 50 pounds of cotton in one day. Much has developed since then across this agri industry spurring economical growth. 

Agribot is an autonomous robot used in farming to help improve efficiency and reduce reliance on manual labor and widely used today at the harvesting stage. Recently drones are being used in applications  like detecting disease in plants, pest control, planting seeds, harvesting, soil analysis, monitoring poor nutrition and many  others.
AI is the future
Today AI systems help in overcoming challenges faced from traditional farming resulting in precision agriculture. AI sensors detect and target cannabis or commonly called weeds. They are also  capable  of  making decision on the type of  herbicide to apply. Such intelligence never seen before has helped in protecting crops providing higher yield for farmers.

AI Tools & Systems

Smart Farming in Agriculture

This is just the glimpse of AI in agriculture and we will see in more detail across the spectrum in the  coming months.