Editor's Review

RobotAndMe magazines focus will be on bringing about awareness by sharing what each school, technical institution and college is doing in the field of Automation & Robotics.

It is a platform for institutions to showcase and also bring about developmental change. We will hear from industry leaders on what they expect when hiring a fresher. What role should institutions play to meet demands? How does it benefit students and whether or not, they are trained and prepared to handle the needs.

Today, robotics is incorporated into every industry and our education needs to cater to that in an accessible manner.
This platform is free for educators to share across schools and colleges so that everyone can get a glimpse into numerous activities, case studies, research work and innovations.

Cover Story

ROBOTIS KidsLab expands their imagination, exercises their creativity and develops new technical skills. 

ROBOTIS MINI is an adorable humanoid robot. You can program its motions with downloadable R+ Task and R+ Motion software. You can also control the robot via smart device by downloading the ROBOTIS MINI app.
IIT is one of the leading institutions in India. Dr. T. Asokan discusses about the Surgical Robots Trainer within every medical institution in India.

Introducing KIBO to children from KG level without using a screen. Prof. Marina Bers, Co-Founder of KIBO, outlines the product.