Robot And Me is the first educational magazine within the region in the field of Robotics and Automation that provides a platform for all educational institutions, modern innovators and research giants like IIT India and others to share their ground breaking ideas and products to not only educate people of all ages on the fast growing industry but to also encourage out of the box creative thinking in individuals.

Technology influences every aspect of an individual’s life and educational institutions can now share within the community what they do and how their students embrace this advance technology into their existing educational system in a smarter way.

The diverse range of contents offered include industry leaders, subject experts, innovations, new products, tutorials, coverage of robotic competitions, case studies, Do-it-yourself "DIY" and other programs are displayed in a convenient manner which invites robot enthusiasts to reignite their passion and creativity by spreading the joy of robotics across the nation.

Our primary focus is to get every school and college who have advanced in this field of Robotics & Automation to share so that others can learn and develop their internal tools,  systems and processes in training their students. 

We believe this magazine will be of great interest to parents as well as students. We recommend and encourage you to subscribe as well as share your knowledge so others can benefit in this vast and diverse field of robotics and automation.

David Johnson